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Our Concept

When our parents were young, people can afford to eat dumplings only in very special occasions like major festivals and family gathering. Those were the greatest time of the year that they cherished the most. “To pass this happiness on to our lovely Brisbane people” finally gets into our idea of Little Red Dumpling.


We are strict with every aspects of our food; all our meats and vegetables are sourced from local farms. Only the freshest ingredients in high quality will be used to prepare the dumplings. All our dumplings are hand made with our willing to share. We are dedicated to make everything in-house. It requires a lot of effort in food preparation, but ensures that end product is stunning and delicious. The focus of our International chef is to capture food fusion, authentic taste and spectacular flavours.


Concept of Red Cultural Revolution and red guards is added to our decoration because that’s the ages full of passion. Like us, we are so passionate on providing the best dumplings and authentic Chinese local food to our community. We do hope you can have joyful time here in Little Red Dumpling Bar with people you love. Whether it’s a social gathering, business meetings or a special occasion, our experts will help you tailor an event that exceeds the expectation of the customer and leave an ultimate impression on your guests.


We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local.


Our talents and experience are diverse, but at Little red Dumpling we’re united by one thing: an over arching passion for Chinese food, wine and hospitality.